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Video Production

Professional videos have become one of the most cost-effective marketing tools to promote products and services online.

At Rev Media Group, we offer our clients high end, cutting-edge video production services tailored to meet your exact needs. Not only will your professional video increase the time your existing and potential customers spend on your site, your video will also help improve your website’s ranking. You’ll also be able to link and share your video to your social media sites and YouTube.













At Rev Media Group, we create videos that are crafted specifically for your business and marketing needs. Whether you need a marketing video, commercial or corporate video, we can help. REV up your marketing results with engaging videos that are as unique as you are.


Our HD cameras with super slow motion capabilities and other video equipment allow us to tackle any project. When on location, we come fully prepared to ensure we have everything we need including:


  • HD cameras

  • Portable green screen

  • Jibs and cranes

  • Camera sliders

  • Audio recorders

  • Lights

  • Teleprompter


Corporate & Marketing Videos

Cut through the online clutter with a custom produced corporate or marketing video that will help boost your online presence. At Rev Media Group, we can help you create a custom video that is mobile and dynamic. Whether you need a 30 second marketing video to engage an audience with a short attention span or a 20 minute corporate video highlighting your business and brand, Rev Media Group can help you captivate your audience by showing them something worth watching.


Easily searchable and shared, videos have been proven to be far more engaging than standard text driven marketing, especially when it comes to a tech savvy audience. Not only will our custom videos help your customers find your products and services online, your video will give you a competitive edge.


Let us show you what we can do for you!


Are you looking to educate, entertain, inspire and inform? Today’s audiences expect the WOW factor when it comes to videos. From product demos, showcase videos for trade shows and events, web videos and TV commercials, we have the experience and creativity to help you get noticed.


Videos are much more affordable than ever before. Not only do they give you a competitive edge that will help you get noticed in a competitive market, if you star in your own commercial, you’ll get instant celebrity status and your customers will recognize you.


Having worked within the television industry, our creative team know what formats work best for your commercial video needs. At Rev Media Group, we offer our clients affordable, custom produced, high quality commercials that will help your business attract attention!

Event Coverage

Events are an incredibly effective promotional tool. Creating a video of your event allows you to extend your audience, as well as showcase your event and business after the event has passed.


At Rev Media, we ensure that we capture every moment of your event – after all, it only happens once. Whether big or small, we set up multi camera shoots with audio recorders, so nothing is missed. It may sound like there will be cameras everywhere, but our stealthy team of videographers are very discrete and we strive to let the event unfold around us without getting in the way.


Whether you want a video to give your event sponsors or for those clients who aren’t able to attend, an event video can also be used to promote future events you’re planning on hosting. Or if you’re looking to create a video, slideshow or interactive presentation to play at your event, Rev Media Group can help. Our extensive portfolio of event coverage videos includes schools, hospitals, corporate and business events.


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